Trafigura jinchuan refinery stake

We are one of the world s most active naphtha traders and one of the few with access to a US export facility in Corpus Christi, Texas. These expressions are also used where no useful purpose is served by identifying any particular company or companies.

Puma Energy s numbers have since been removed in full in Last week the U.

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Trafigura s extensive experience of operating in developing markets and proven aptitude for challenging environments will play a central role in building the country s long-term growth.

Increasingly during this financial year, we provided financial support to certain valued counterparties in the form of multi-year pre-paid offtake agreements.

We combine our warehousing, blending and transport capabilities to aggregate base tonnage, to align to specific requirements and to transport to Western Europe, China, Southeast Asia and Japan.

Trafigura in talks to buy stake in Essar Oil: Bloomberg

History[ edit ] Trafigura Beheer BV was established as a private group of companies in by six founding partners: It is a part of the world where boundaries have never been precisely demarcated, and where the geopolitical intrigues of Russia and Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries could see the borders of India, Afghanistan, Tibet, and China shift back and forth with the political tide of the day.

Based on close management of a complex supply chain, these coal products present our customers in Asia s fast-growing power generation sector with reliable deliveries and consistent quality. The revised resource estimate included increased inventory and improved confidence levels, Our vision is of an increasingly interconnected and prosperous world in which commodities pass seamlessly from their points of origin to points of need.

Each of our offices has access to the knowledge, resources and support of the Trafigura Group. Ltd, has signed an agreement to acquire a 30 percent equity stake in the Jinchuan Group's newly established copper smelter in Fangchengang, China.

Exploration in these Arctic waters—which c By imperial decree, the importation and smoking of opium in China was illegal, but demand was insatiable.

Trafigura to buy 30 pct stake in Jinchuan's copper smelter in China

The increase at year end is due to our continued investment in fixed assets on the one hand and the expansion of our prepayment portfolio both short term and long term on the other, the latter having had a bigger impact.

Impala Terminals ports and terminals enable the transportation of US coal down the Mississippi, oil exports from Colombia, concentrates exports from Mexico and Peru, and iron ore out of Brazil.


This created considerable efficiencies in administration and operations and allowed us to sustain rapid growth. The bond was priced at 7. Puma Energy was deconsolidated at the end of the financial year at which point Trafigura ceased to control Puma Energy.

With Impala Terminals Burnside facility on the Mississippi now fully operational, we have ready access to a 15 million tonne capacity terminal, which consolidates our logistics position and ability to source, optimise, and market the full range of coal qualities in the region.

In an update to shareholders, the diamond-miner noted that reports from the InExxon Neftegas, the Sakhalin 1 operator, completed its own km mile pipeline across the Tatar Strait from Sakhalin to the DeKastri oil terminal on the mainland, the better to ship oil and gas to customers in Japan and Korea.

Maritime safe passage is another area of international law that is open to interpretation. In JulyPuma Energy became the largest fuel supplier.

However, the advocacy body has Our services add value at every stage of the supply chain. The closure disrupts the supply of concentrate to Norilsk's refineries on the Kola peninsula.

Trafigura’s LNG chief to lead the company’s Asian oil unit

Trust is imperative in any long-term relationship and it has to be earned. Assuming positive results and drill rig availability, we anticipate completing an initial resource estimate within 12 months.

A second Opium War followed —resulting in another defeat for China and the addition of land on Kowloon Peninsula to the British colony of Hong Kong. It works closely with the LPG, natural gas and coal desks. Trombon-1 gas exploration well: We operate major blending hubs on the Gulf Coast, in the Mediterranean and in Singapore, and lease tankage globally.

Rio, Chinalco to target copper first in exploration venture Rio Tinto Group, the world's second - largest mining company, and its biggest shareholder, Aluminum Corp.

This was backed by nine Japanese banks. The latest mining world news and project information from Africa.

Chinese metal smelter Jinchuan gets approval for Trafigura JV

View news & video headlines for Friday, 21 Feb on Trafigura on Friday said it had agreed to buy a 30 per cent holding in a copper smelter belonging to state-owned Jinchuan Group, China’s top nickel miner and one of its largest copper producers. Trafigura Pte Ltd., a global commodities trading firm, along with Trafigura Investment (China) Co.

Ltd, has signed an agreement to acquire a 30 percent equity stake in the Jinchuan Group's newly established copper smelter in Fangchengang, China.

The agreement, subject to regulatory approval, includes a multi-year supply and off-take arrangement corresponding to Trafigura's shareholding percentage for the. Trafigura has built or purchased stakes in pipelines, mines, smelters, ports and storage terminals.

History Trafigura Beheer BV was established as a private group of companies in by six founding partners: Claude Dauphin, Eric de Turckheim, Graham Sharp, Antonio Cometti, Daniel Posen and. Jun 30,  · Trafigura Group Pte is in talks to acquire a minority stake in Essar Oil Ltd., India’s second-largest private refiner, in a deal that could value the business at about $ billion, people with.

Trafigura jinchuan refinery stake
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