Summarry scent of apples

Thus, The Scent of Apples was an expected masterpiece. In connection, the author gives emphasis on the life of a Filipino who found himself to living in a foreign country.

But her style was surprisingly simple. Celestino Fabia imagined his brothers, sisters, his father and his mother. The land of your birth. Ruth got busy with the drinks. I knew them well and I loved them. In fact, the work is simple yet it can rival the literary audacities of other short stories.


In the night perhaps. Now as she shook my hands in sincere delight I noticed shamefacedly that I should notice how rough her hands were, how coarse and red with labor, how ugly.

I saw mother cry wordlessly as father heaped his curses upon me and drove me out of the house, the gate closing heavily after me. I mean Filipinos younger than I, cleaner looking. In a sense means that the title contains a metaphor which relates to the story.

Finally we rounded a deep curve and suddenly came upon a shanty, all but ready to crumble in a heap on the ground, its plastered walls were rotting away, the floor was hardly a foot from the ground.

In the distance were apple trees. He did it all to himself therefore his heart is longing to reach the other side of the world even if he has already built his own home to where he is now.

The writer replied that although they differ in the exterior, both women of different eras bear the heart and soul of a modest Filipina. Scent of Apples Bienvenido N.

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I thought of the cottages of the poor colored folk in the south, the hovels of the poor everywhere in the land. She'll be very happy. I walked but a little way. All night I had been watching his face and I wondered when he was going to smile. There was a train the next morning that left for Muncie, Indiana, at a quarter after eight.

He lived in an old Visayan town where there are no apples. As they fell on the floor, father bent to pick them and throw them out into the coral streets. We passed through narrow lanes and disappeared into thickets, and came out on barren land overgrown with weeds in places.

I was no good. And they rolled on the pavements like the ghost feet of a thousand autumns long dead, long before the boys left for faraway lands without great icy winds and promise of winter early in the air, lands without apple trees, the singing and the gold.

As we stepped inside and the door closed behind us, immediately I was aware of the familiar scent of apples.

A door opened heavily and you enter a dark hall leading to the stairs. I have often wondered who she is. Afterwards I noticed an old picture leaning on the top of a dresser and stood to pick it up. But there are coconut trees and roosters cooing early in the morning, and there was his family.

Bienvenido Santos

The writer replied that although they differ in the exterior, both women of different eras bear the heart and soul of a modest Filipina. The boy smiled at me.

Scent of Apples

Whatever that is, the pain of an individual whose heart stretches to both ends of the world has no measure. Scent of apples 1. REYNAN T. OLA BPG TITLE: SCENT OF APPLES AUTHOR: BIENVENIDO N. SANTOS SUMMARY: The story “Scent of Apples” written.

Scent of Apples

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Scent of Apples: Notable awards: Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards (,) Republic Cultural Heritage Award in Literature American Book Award () Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship: Bienvenido N.

Santos (March 22, – January 7, ) was a. Scent of Apples has ratings and 12 reviews. This collection of sixteen short stories brings the work of a distinguished Filipino writer to the attent 4/5.

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Scent of Apples by Bienvenido Santos Bienvenido Santos’ Scent of Apples The Scent of Apple written by Bienvenido N. Santos is captivating and it gives me a clue of what it is like to be away from home, the people you love and making a home out of the new place you have found.

Summarry scent of apples
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