Indonesian loanwords in dutch

Although each language of the family is mutually unintelligible, their similarities are rather striking. This phenomenon is amplified by the use of Indonesian slangparticularly in the cities.

Our ancestors started adapting some Dutch words into the Indonesian language. It seems like English will remain the most widely used language for some time. However, it does differ from Malaysian Malay in several respects, with differences in pronunciation and vocabulary.

Chronology[ edit ] The study on Indonesian etymology and loan words reflected its historical and social context. Turkish also has taken many words from Frenchsuch as pantolon for trousers from French pantalon and komik for funny from French comiquemost of them pronounced very similarly.

Many roots have come virtually unchanged from their common ancestor, Proto-Austronesian language. Handuk biru itu punya kakak That blue towel belongs to big brother 8. Sangat or amat verythe term to express intensity, is often being replaced with the Javanese-influenced banget.

List of Dutch loanwords in Indonesian

Dutch vocabulary is predominantly Germanic in origin, considerably more so than English. In contrast to the large number of mechanical terms borrowed from Dutch e.

There are many cognates found in the languages' words for kinship, health, body parts and common animals. However, the rapid disappearance of Dutch was a very unusual case compared with other colonized countries, where the colonial language generally has continued to function as the language of politics, bureaucracyeducation, technologyand other important areas for a significant time after independence.

Indonesian has envolved through trade with China since ancient times, including through significant numbers of Chinese immigrants migrating to Indonesia. Dutch is grammatically similar to German, such as in syntax and verb morphology. Use the search bar to look for terms in all glossaries, dictionaries, articles and other resources simultaneously The Indonesian language has absorbed many loanwords from other languages: However, a few English affixes are borrowed.

List of loanwords in Indonesian

Yet it is unclear, since Malay and Minang are closely related, and some might consider Minang to have been an ancestral dialect of Malay. The most common and widely used colloquial Indonesian is heavily influenced by the Betawi languagea Malay-based creole of Jakartaamplified by its popularity in Indonesian popular culture in mass media and Jakarta's status as the national capital.

Examples include the early Sanskrit borrowings, probably during the Srivijaya period, the borrowings from Arabic and Persian, especially during the time of the establishment of Islam, and words borrowed from Dutch during the colonial period.

But the Dutch alphabet has one additional character beyond the standard alphabet, the digraph IJ. For example, suffixes such as "-asi" e. While they were here, the blending of Dutch and Indonesian culture was inevitable.

List of loanwords in Indonesian

As a result, some of the Chinese languageespecially the Hokkien dialect, has been incorporated into Indonesian. Dutch colonization and administration, lasting from the 17th century to the 20th, extensively affected the vocabulary.

This is mostly due to Indonesians combining aspects of their own local languages e.

List of loanwords in Indonesian

During development, various native terms mostly Javanese from all over the archipelago made their way into the language. It is the official language of the Olympics. As Dutch-trained linguists determined the rules for the official Indonesian language, Dutch thus affected the structure of the language as well.

After the empire fell after World War I and the Republic of Turkey was founded, the Turkish language underwent an extensive language reform led by the newly founded Turkish Language Associationduring which many adopted words were replaced with new formations derived from Turkic roots.

In when Indonesia declared its independence, Indonesian was formally declared the national language, [18] although then it was the native language of only about 5 per cent of the population, whereas Javanese and Sundanese were the mother tongues of 42—48 percent and 15 percent respectively.

The Dutch adaptation of the Malay language during the colonial period resulted in the incorporation of a significant number of Dutch loanwords and vocabulary. These differences are due mainly to the Dutch and Javanese influences on Indonesian.

In fact, they consciously prevented the language from being spread by refusing to provide education, especially in Dutch, to the native Indonesians so they would not come to see themselves as equals. Even then, Dutch administrators were remarkably reluctant to promote the use of Dutch compared to other colonial regimes.

This is similar to the type of generalization that occurs in English words like "xerox" or "tampax" or "polaroid". An average educated person knows about 20, words and uses about 2, words in a week. Words borrowed into English e.

55 Indonesian Words Derived from Dutch (Loanwords)

Some Dutch loanwords, having clusters of several consonants, pose difficulties to speakers of Indonesian. This problem is usually solved by insertion of the schwa. For example, Dutch schroef [ˈsxruf] → sekrup [səˈkrup]. Mar 12,  · These are Indonesian words that are thought to have come from Dutch language.

There are approximately 3, words in total. A-Z Portuguese Words in Indonesian Language (Loanwords) Sponsors Link Bahasa Indonesia has influenced from numbers of languages such as Malay, Latin.

This research shows that most of the words of French origin in Indonesian/Malay language were borrowed through Dutch. Historical background explains why there are no direct loanwords from French language in Indonesian.

55 Indonesian Words Derived from Dutch (Loanwords) along with meanings and sample sentences help broaden your Indonesian vocabulary word bank. 55 Indonesian Words Derived from Dutch (Loanwords) along with meanings and sample sentences help broaden your Indonesian vocabulary word bank.

Indonesian loanwords in dutch
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