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English Honors Program

Period 3 asked about lay versus lie, effect versus affect, and semi-colon versus comma between ICs independent clauses. In addition to the primary reward of intellectual growth, the English Honors Program offers students substantial benefits: Friday, October 5 Continue as far as we can into Act I.

Lucid, masterful, and engaging prose style. How long does it take to complete the HIM portion of my undergraduate degree. Recent award-winning theses include a study of Walt Whitman and the natural philosopher, Lucretius; an English translation of a Brazilian novel; a collection of short stories; and a study of technology in the writing center.

By the end of their third quarter, English Honors students have experienced the challenges and rewards of pursuing advanced academic research in the company of peers and faculty who value their ideas and push them to work to the very best of their abilities.

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I'm interested in pursuing a career in publishing. M-level seminars and H fulfill the level distribution requirements for the major; every year, the department offers a variety of M-level seminars, two or three of which fulfill specific English major literary period requirements or the diversity requirement.

The William G. Cooper, Jr. Honors Program in English

English majors in three concentrations Creative Writing, Literature, or Writing and Culture may participate in the English Honors Program, and all honors courses will apply to concentration requirements.

The program begins with a sequence of two small seminars, each focused on a specific research field in English studies.

While the courses that I've taken at the University of Washington have been interesting, participating in English Honors has afforded me the opportunity to stretch myself intellectually and make the transition from "student" to "scholar. Students completing the creative writing pathway may also choose to do a creative project under the direction of an appropriate faculty member.

Arguments based on textual evidence and grounded in attentive close reading. Most graduate programs in English also require a critical writing sample, an essay of pages, that is an extremely important part of the application.

Tuesday, October 2 Act I, scene i. Monday, September 24 Pajama Day Make you a deal. Write a paragraph that addresses how Shakespeare introduces the main character Romeo even before he enters the stage. I'm a born and raised Detroiter. Top of page The Value of English Honors Before deciding to embark on English Honors, many students want to know what benefits the program confers.

How do I pursue the HIM. This may result in being shut out of a desired seminar or being dismissed from the program if the incomplete converts to a 0. But I put the terms and concepts I learned into practice by turning that class into a service learning option and volunteering at a local social services organization.

Now, I'm about to complete my M.

Department of English

However, one type of honor does not necessarily imply the others. Please have it ready again. If Professor Taylor approves the proposal, the student will be asked to submit an approval form with Professor Remely's signature. The Honors program provides a coherent and cumulative program of study for students by focusing them on a defined area of inquiry or debate.

Because of this interest, I've had the opportunity to co-curate an art gallery in Hamtramck about Muslim-American identity. To graduate with Honors in the Major, you will need to complete: Also, you will get constant insights of other subjects as well.

There are some occasions when working with another English faculty member makes sense. We were given the chance to work for a year with the same classmates, while we delved into the complexities and nuances of the discipline. I feel as though Honors prepares students to be self-motivated learners who find education inside and outside of the classroom.

The second part is the Burnett Honors College application.

Undergraduate English Honors

Correct the ' Dear John ' letter. Currently she needs to decide what English level to chose for the Sophomore year: honors or cirruculum1 (there is also curriculum2 level available). She is gettingt A- on Cur1 now. She thinks that if she takes Cur1 she would get A, in if Honors - she would probably get B.

In order for a thesis to satisfy the honors requirements of English and another department, the student must gain approval from and work with two directors, one in each department. A double honors thesis must be interdisciplinary in nature.

English Honors students learn the discourse, the mental habits, and critical practices of literary and cultural study and develop extremely strong, confident intellectual identities. They do this through sustained and focused conversation with texts, with faculty, and with each other.

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Bookmark my webpage: Go to CHS's website, then parents or students, then staff directory, then English, then find my name. On my webpage, find the tab that says English I Honors. Bookmark it.

Students in 10th grade English will continue their preparation for college­level skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking as outlined in the California State Standards for English.

English honers
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