Chemistry concepts

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Energy and entropy considerations are invariably important in almost all chemical studies.

General Chemistry Basic Concepts of Chemistry

The particles that make up matter have rest mass as well — not all particles have rest mass, such as the photon. It offers hints and insights for solving the assigned homework problems, and can be accessed from any Internet connected computer or smart phone.

Physical properties, such as density and refractive index tend to fall within values characteristic of the phase. Atom A diagram of an atom based on the Bohr model The atom is the basic unit of chemistry. Chemical substances are classified in terms of their structurephase, as well as their chemical compositions.

The periodic table is arranged in groupsor columns, and periodsor rows. Some energy is transferred between the surroundings and the reactants of the reaction in Chemistry concepts form of heat or light ; thus the products of a reaction may have more or less energy than the reactants.

Less familiar phases include plasmasBose—Einstein condensates and fermionic condensates and the paramagnetic and ferromagnetic phases of magnetic materials. Several concepts are essential for the study of chemistry; some of them are: When the number of atoms on either side is unequal, the transformation is referred to as a nuclear reaction or radioactive decay.

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The mass number is the sum of the number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus. A 2-D skeletal model of a benzene molecule C6H6 The "inert" or noble gas elements heliumneonargonkryptonxenon and radon are composed of lone atoms as their smallest discrete unit, but the other isolated chemical elements consist of either molecules or networks of atoms bonded to each other in some way.

In a neutral atom, the negatively charged electrons balance out the positive charge of the protons.

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Reviews and links to some of my favorite chemistry related freeware can be found on the Chemistry Freeware page. We have a larger proportion of the student body taking chemistry than any other public school in the area.

Thus, molecules exist as electrically neutral units, unlike ions. The properties of a compound bear little similarity to those of its elements. In many simple compounds, valence bond theorythe Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion model VSEPRand the concept of oxidation number can be used to explain molecular structure and composition.

Thus, the octet rule is satisfied for C-atom it has eight electrons in its valence shell and the duet rule is satisfied for the H-atoms they have two electrons in their valence shells. Each of these kinds of bonds is ascribed to some potential. Several concepts are essential for the study of chemistry; some of them are: In a covalent bond, one or more pairs of valence electrons are shared by two atoms: Chemical reactions are invariably not possible unless the reactants surmount an energy barrier known as the activation energy.

Although all the nuclei of all atoms belonging to one element will have the same atomic number, they may not necessarily have the same mass number; atoms of an element which have different mass numbers are known as isotopes. There are two main divisions, organic and inorganic. However, the discrete and separate nature of the molecular concept usually requires that molecular ions be present only in well-separated form, such as a directed beam in a vacuum in a mass spectrometer.

These potentials create the interactions which hold atoms together in molecules or crystals. Middle School Chemistry provides free science activities, multimedia, and information about upcoming workshops offered by the American. Chemistry is the study of the composition, properties, and reactivity of matter.

Basic Concepts in Chemistry

This may be your first time taking chemistry, but chances are you know a lot already from observing the world around you. The following topic areas are the most basic concepts that a sucessful chemistry student needs to master: Chemical Nomenclature(this unit required for credit); Atomic Structure.

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Chemistry addresses topics such as how atoms and molecules interact. Organic Chemistry. It is a branch of chemistry which deals with the study of carbon-based compounds.

It mainly applies to the study of the behavior, characteristics, compositions and the .

Chemistry concepts
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